Below we share some useful resources to approach the demoscene and digital art in different areas.

Demoscene in general

demozoo(site with a catalog of works from all the events that take place in the demoscene worldwide) site of all works of world demoscene events) catalog of demoscene events worldwide with a list of executable or animation works, with a discussion forum)
CSDB(Site with a catalog of demoscene works, games and utilities for Commodore 64 and family -C16, VIC-20, etc.-)



Video tutorial: how to make music for Sega Genesis with the Deflemask tracker

Video tutorial: how to make music for Commodore 64 with the SIDWizard tracker

Video tutorial: how to make music for SNES

Channel "Chiptune in Spanish" with many tutorials

Cheesecutter (Commodore 64 music tracker) video tutorial IN ENGLISH

Vortex Tracker Tutorial(AY chip - ZX Spectrum, MSX, Atari ST, etc.)

chiptune music trackers (download)

OpenMPT(PC modules .MOD / .S3M / .XM / .IT) (Windows only)
milkytracker(PC modules .MOD / .XM) (cross platform)
fast tracker 2 clone(PC modules .MOD / .XM) (cross platform)
sidwizard(Commodore 64 .SID) (native C64, new version includes emulator for windows)
goattracker(Commodore 64 .SID) (cross platform)
GT Ultra(Commodore 64 .SID) (cross platform)
SID Factory II(Commodore 64 .SID) (cross platform)
sidtracker64(Commodore 64. SID) For Apple iPad (iOS) platform.
CheeseCutter(Commodore 64. SID) (cross platform)
deflemask(SEGA GENESIS / MASTER SYSTEM / FAMICOM / C64 / and more) (cross platform)
Vortex Tracker(for chip AY-3-8910, MSX, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, etc.) (windows)
arkos tracker(For AY-3-8910 chip, modern interface, cross-platform)
LPG tracker(Gameboy, PSP and other portable platforms) (runs on every platform or under windows)
LSDJ(tracker for Gameboy, commercial license)
family tracker(FAMICOM / NES) (windows)
famistudio(friendly and graphic tracker for FAMICOM / NES)
pretracker(AMIGA synthesis) (windows)
Hively tracker(AMIGA .AHX synthesis) (windows)
beepola(ZX spectrum buzzer)
renoise(modern tracker for studio-quality music production) (cross-platform)
AY Tracker(For ZX Spectrum 48k with AY-3-8910 audio expansion) (native platform)
Basoon tracker(.mod format tracker to use online in browser)

Players and utilities

XMPLAY(plug-ins can be added to play a large number of formats)
FOOBAR 2000(plug-ins can be added to play a large number of formats)
WINAMP(plug-ins can be added to play a large number of formats)
PSID64(converts any .sid to a .prg executable on commodore 64)

Download and chiptune music sites

modarchive(site with huge catalog of .mod/.xm/.s3m/.it music from amiga and PC for free download)
high voltage sid collection(extensive uncataloged SID commodore 64 music collection)
Remix64(Commodore 64 and Amiga music remixes)
Modland(Amiga .MOD music file and search)
Battle of the bits(online chiptune music community)
Project Spectrum(AY music download)
VGMRips(retro video game music)
famicompo(international music competition for the Famicom/NES)
Radio Pungas(radio with chiptune music and demoscene 24 hours a day)


pixel art

pixel art newschool video tutorial

Video: Beginner's Guide to Aseprite

Pixel art newschool video tutorial: LEARN PIXEL ART in 15 DAYS

How to draw pixel art characters

Pixel Art Downloads

Aseprite(to make pixel art newschool)
Timanthes(to make Commodore 64 pixel art)
pixcen64(to make Commodore 64 pixel art)
deluxe paint(to make Amiga platform pixel art)
GIMP(for creating and editing photos and images, open source and cross-platform)
Krita(for creating and editing photos and images, open source and cross-platform)
Vchar64(character graphics creator for Commodore 64, for games or demos)

voxel art


Video tutorial: Learn how to use MAGICAVOXEL The open source voxel art editor!

Voxel Art Downloads

MagicaVoxel(Open source Voxel Art editor for Windows and Mac)
Goxel(Cross-platform Voxel Art Editor, Linux, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Text Art dedicated to exhibiting works of text art)

Downloads Text Art

Mobius(Open source and cross-platform character art editor)
PabloDraw(Multi-platform open source text art editor)
Acid View(ANSI/ASCII art viewer for windows platform)
Marq's PETSCII Editor(Cross-platform PETSCII editor)
LVLLVL(Online text art editor)
playscii(PETSCII fake "fake" art creator and converter) online editor in real format)
petmate(cross-platform PETSCII editor)
ZXNET(online teletext editor) teletext editor)
Fab teletext editor(teletext editor for windows)
MUTTLEE (Multi User Teletext Live Edit Environment)
wxTED(Teletext editor for windows)






GLSL shaders and Raymarching tutorials and videos for beginners by Evvvvil(in English)
Video presenting different graphics programming techniques with shaders with Kali and JPupper(in Spanish)
Raymarching for dummies(in English)
Various resources and links(in English)


shadertoy(site to view, share and create shader animations online)

Retro platforms


dustlayer(C64 programming tutorials with Assembler and ACME)
codebase(site with source code examples)
Retrocomputing Forum(many resources on different retro platforms, in Spanish)
Commodoremania Forum(many resources about commodore, in Spanish)



Turbo Rascal Syntax Error(programming environment and compiler for Commodore 64 and other retro platforms, includes English tutorials)
acme(Cross Assembler for C64)
CA65 and CC65(Cross Assembler C64 and cross C++ for C64)
KickAssembler(Cross Assembler C64)



VICE(main Commodore 64 emulator for different platforms)
WinUAE(emulator of all Amiga models, only for Windows)
FS-UAE(emulator of all Amiga models, cross-platform)
FUSE(Spectrum emulator for Linux and other unixes)
Speccy(Spectrum emulator for Windows)